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With over 40 years of management experience in the logistics field, The Trinity Group provides knowledgeable and excellent service. Our professional staff are experts in your field and our Best Choice Query 3PL logistics Software comes with not only technical support, but real-life business support that can only be provided by a company that is familiar with the struggles that come with owning a logistics company. Profits should not be spent on your 3PL software solution - your 3PL software solution should make your profits.

Software Setup Services

Throughout the entire implementation service a dedicated project leader will assist in setting up the Best Choice 3PL software. Our staff is involved to provide you with support on any questions or customizations that may be required for your application.

The Best Choice Query 3PL software solution is an SaaS solution. (Software as a Service). This means you have no initial expense for software servers thus keeping your initial investment low and affordable.

So give us a call and arrange a free demonstration and look to gain the competitive advantage that you desperately need in today's competitive marketplace. The time to get started is now.

Other Benefits:

Speedy Implementation
A quick ROI
In-house IT Staff not required

The Trinity Group is conveniently located in Long Island, New York